What is Big Data

We have all heard the word Data. Do you know what Big data is? Why or what is called Big Data. Today I will know about Big Data 6.

Let's find out what is Data?


One of the information of a subject can be called Data in one word. Let us understand with a small example

When we go to buy a bike, we search on google to know about that bike. From there we collect information that the bike will give how much mileage? How much weight? How much does a bike cost? What color is available, this small information is called data. You will analyze this information and think about it then you will go to buy the bike.

Now let's come to a big data with a bunch of data about Big Data. So let's take a look at the structure of Big data.


The need for big data can have a huge impact on an industry. Let's understand the thing with a small example google collects such small data to analyze its data. We know about Google Ad sense so how does google like us what do we dislike what do we like to see what is the thing we are searching for again and again by collecting all this data Google shows us targeted ads. 

Similarly there are many companies like Google who can improve their services with the help of this big data.

Types of Big Data

  • Structured
  • Unstructured
  • Semi-structured


Any data that can be stored, accessed and processed in a static format is called 'structural' data. Over time, the genius of computer science has developed more and more success in developing strategies for working with the kind of data (where the format is already well known) and gaining value from it. 

However nowadays when we look at things from the front when the size of such data increases enormously the general sizes are in the rage of multiple petabytes.


Any data including unknown forms or structures is classified as structural data. The size, in addition to the huge size poses multiple challenges in determining its value in terms of processing non-structured data. 

A common example of structured information is a heterogeneous data source with a combination of simple text files, images, videos, etc. 

Nowadays companies have a lot of data available but unfortunately they do not know how to extract value from it since this data is its raw In form or structural format.


Semi-structured data can contain data from both datasets. We can see the semi-structured data form as structural but it is not actually defined as such. A table definition in relational DBMS. Example of semi-structured data is the data represented in an XML file.

Big data 3 features

In the industry, there was always a problem of storage of this big data, because the size of a big data is 10 petabyte at some point it can be up to 50 petabyte. So in that case a mega storage platform is needed and some platforms provide it cheaply like data lake and Hadoop etc.

Database and spreadsheets in earlier times was the only date of source and supported most applications. But there are different types of time, such as pdf in the form of mp3 file, etc. so it is convenient to do Big data analysis.

In big data 'velocity' means the speed at which data is processed and analyzed. And for the convenience of this velocity social media platforms and different types of business oriented platforms, velocity in big data is very necessary.


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