What is keywords in SEO

Keywords This term is very familiar in the case of SEO. We know what SEO is, and keywords play a very important role in ranking a website in Google Search Engine. Today let us know what are these Keywords?


Keywords are an idea or concept that helps your website to rank in search engines. If you can say in the language of SEO you have to write the title or description of your website with the words that will show your website in the search engine as soon as it is searched in the search engine.

Let's understand the thing with a small example.

If you have a food delivery website, you can use the keyboard to bang on the fast page of Google on your website.
First you need to notice which type of search is the most searched in Google search e.g.

Online food orders

If you look at this picture, you will see that after typing "Online Food Order" and searching, we can see the results, then we see the harmony between this search word and the words of the results.

SEO keyword

In the previous picture, the words "Online Food Order" are going to be noticed in the title and description of the results, that is, these Keywords are being shown in this Website Search results. In other words, "Online Food Order" keywords to use in the title and description of the website's rank is high.

But there are some ways to use such keywords, you need to know if you want to rank your website, which we will know in the next article.
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Keywords planning

There are a few things we need to keep in mind when using keywords on a website.
  • You have to keep track of how many search values ​​are on a keyboard.
  • Before placing the keyboard on the website, it is necessary to see the position of the keyboard and the stage of the competition.
  • Before planning a keyword, we need to keep in mind some things like keyword description or title and how many times you are using your contact and how you are using it will depend on your on page SEO and off page SEO.

How important keywords in Content

When you create a content you need to keep in mind how and where you are using the keyboard used in your contacts.

  • A small example is how to use the keyboard to create your content.
  • You must enter the keywords used in the headings and descriptions.
  • It is very good to use keywords in the headline and sub-heading of the content so that you can understand the difference in SEO.
  • Use your main keywords in a content in such a way that the content is beautiful and readable.

Because Google Bots, which is owned by Google, confirms that Google Bots will decide on the position of your content or website on how many times you have used the keyboard on your website, how many times you have used it.

  • If possible, use a keyboard that can generate backlinks along with the main keyword focus to understand the depth of your content and website.

Some personal tips

If you are a content writer or article writer and you have just started your website then you must keep in mind that you have to work with keywords with Love and L Competition because in terms of websites with high value keywords your website is barely new and close to Google. You will be considered a newcomer.

If you want your website to reach everyone very quickly you must keep in mind that if you work with keywords that have low value and low or medium competition your website will add Google in a very short time which will gradually increase the number of customers you have. There will be.

Where & how to use keywords in your content

For keywords you need to do keywords research because you need to know the position of this type of keywords, what is the value of this type of keywords and if you use which keywords will increase the position of your website today.

Value Of keywords: 

Simply put it means that the value of keywords will increase based on what kind of keywords the user is searching for more. Let us understand with a small example.

Example of keywords seo

If you look at this picture, you will see that the value of these keywords "restaurant food delivery" is the most, because the user searches these keywords the most, so its value is the most. 

But it is better to say that the compilation of high value keywords is much higher than other keywords so just giving high level keywords does not mean that the website will rank. Along with giving high level keywords, you also need to pay attention to the website page sco.

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