What is malware


Malware is a type of software that is designed to steal all the data from your computer. It is not just your computer as the type of server client computer network specially designed to attack all these devices.

Let's find out with an example -

We've all heard of airplane hijacking many times. This Malware Attack is exactly the same Malware will enter your computer in any way it is entered through any link apps software and all the information in your computer will be encrypted. After that you can't use computer even if you want to.

So the big company always promotes us that do not click on any Unknown website do not download apps from Unknown site always accept from trusted website or apps from the service.

After the malware attack your computer screen will show such a pop up.

After that, your computer screen will remain the same until you meet their demands. However it is better to say that this Malware Attack is the most common in all PCs that have Operating System Out dated.

This time I hope you have paid for the concept of plane hijack and computer hijack.

Let us know how many types of malware have been created so far.

  • Virus.
  • Worm.
  • Trojan horse.
  • Spyware.
  • Ran somewhere.


A virus is a type of program that has the ability to destroy your system files or important data.
Different types of such viruses can enter your system. This type of virus mainly damages your storage system. This virus cannot be easily deleted from your computer, so you need to use a special type of software.

The first computer virus, known as the "Creeper System" was released in 1971 and was an experimental virus. It was filling a hard drive until the computer could no longer work. 

The virus was created by BBN technology in the United States. The world's first computer virus for Ms-Dos was named "Brain" and was released in 1986 which is considered the world's first public virus.


This virus is somewhat different from the common virus because it is capable of replicating itself. As a result when it attacks your computer it will start creating hundreds of times more viruses like itself. 

As a result, the speed of your internet and the whole computer will be slow so that you will not be able to use the computer in any other way. 

Your computer will not be usable until you have formatted the entire OS and storage device. As a result, you will easily lose all the information that was saved in the computer. 

This type of virus can enter your computer through any application, so it must be noted that your computer must have antivirus detection software.

Trojan horse

A Trojan horse is a malware that can enter your system through an application on your computer or through a link and the Internet. Its main function is that just as the front door of our house is always in front and in some cases there is a back door as we see in many Trojan house the entrance to your system is of two types one is front door and the other is back door which we know as backdoor. 

This backup usually exposes your backdoor to everyone so that your system can be easily hacked. It also enters your system through software or a link.


Spyware is usually designed to track your computer's information and your movements. It is usually able to access your computer through applications or links although Spider does not harm your system in any way but is designed to transfer your personal data from one place to another.
As a result you may not even know that all your data may be stolen unknowingly.Spyware usually enters your computer through applications and can monitor you without damaging your computer's system files.

Ran somewhere

The job of Ransomware is to send a pop-up message on the computer screen as soon as it enters your computer in which a message is given to lock all the data of your computer and it asks you for money to open this lock.

In this run your data is protected as long as the timer is given in the pop-up message all your data will be deleted after the timer expires.

Ransomware is divided into different parts, and their performance differs from each other.

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