Snapdragon v/s MediaTek

We've all heard of Snapdragon and MediaTek, but which one is right for you:

Let's find out which is the best processor you have.


The company was founded in November 2007 and specializes in making mobile SoCs, also known as Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

It is a USA based company Built primarily on Snapdragon ARM based architecture and distributed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc Is made by. This processor is usually made for mobile phones and at the moment you will see Snapdragon processors in some notebooks or laptops.


May 28, 1997 was first searched by May MediaTek. It also makes mobile processors i.e. Soc It is a Taiwan based company and this company designed the first circuit boards such as DVD players televisions, and later smart phones.

And the funny thing is that in 2019 in collaboration with MediaTek and Intel, it was thought to install 5G modem in PC.

Which is best processor for android phone

Before starting this debate let me say a few words to compare it based entirely on my perceptions and the preferences of the general public.

The Android operating system was first created as the OS (Operating system) for digital cameras but later after Google bought Android it came to the fore as the Operating System for phones.

Google makes Android suitable for Qualcomm processors which means that the Android operating system can run very well on the processor.

In general the Android phone will run very well on Android operating system Qualcomm processor and there is no doubt about it. 

But the popularity of Android spread so much that MediaTek started making SSC for mobile phones but here is a problem based on the functionality of the Android operating system Welcome Snapdragon processor so usually Snapdragon processor.

Android operating system will run very well but media Capable of providing and MediaTek processors target certain budget segments and build their processors i.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for high-end phones and MediaTek processors for low-end or low budget phones. So usually you can notice some difference.

Some questions people think

Heating issue:

There is more or less heating issue between the two processors. Similarly MediaTek has some processors in which the heating issue is often seen but in general if seen the processor of Waldemar provides less heating issue to the customer than the MediaTek processor.

Energy saving:

It depends on a lot of things like how much the processor is made of nanometre architecture and design but initially Snapdragon processor is a bit better in terms of energy saving.

MediaTek No One Can Be Called Bad Kana MediaTek has a lot of processors and the energy saving MediaTek processor has been seen to be good for having a good relationship with the phone's battery.


For gaming now two processors have made their series called 'G' which is made only for gaming because its gigahertz can be overclocked or gaming performance is a bit better.

But for gaming usually Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is the best because we make games for the game company Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Network Problem:

Network problems depend on the architecture of the two companies.If there is no negligence between the processors then network problems are not usually seen.

Image processing:

Over the past few years MediaTek has improved their AI (artificial intelligence) power so much that the aspect of image processing has improved a lot. 

But it is wrong to say that the image quality will be good only for the processor because a photo circle is connected to each other such as the camera processor with the camera lens needs a lot of compatibility and if the software does not match very well with the hardware then why not install thousands of high quality camera lens or processor.Image quality will be bad.

My point of view

Before choosing a good processor you need to see what kind of work you will perform.

If you are a gamer then you have to choose the processor with the performance of that game that is the processor that can run the game. 

If you usually use Tuk-tuk for work and budget is low then you can definitely prefer MediaTek and you can consider Snapdragon for high-end performance.

Hopefully I have been able to tell you which processor is best for you.

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