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What is SEO With Simple example

Now day by day people are getting attracted towards digital and these digital people are getting involved with normal life day by day. As a result, people have learned to use this digital platform to their advantage as it has opened up various avenues to the people.

In the previous society there were many problems due to lack of digital platform but with the advent of this digital platform communication system has become so easy for people that now people in one country can communicate with people in other countries in just a few moments.

As a result, some intellectuals now consider this digital platform to be a business. For example, if you have a shop, you have to do various advertisements to spread the identity of your shop to everyone. With this in mind, intellectuals have built the Internet into a platform in which you can present your business and your experience to the whole world.

We will discuss what is SEO and how much it is needed:

SEO In simple terms, if you have a website, it is a way to get that website to your customers. SEO has been created since 1998 and to this day this SEO is serving the entire internet system.

The sole purpose of creating SEO is that the number of people using internet services in the internet world is increasing day by day and thousands of websites are being created every day. As a result, SEO is responsible for managing so many websites.

Let's take a small example of how SEO works:

Search engines on the Internet follow certain rules and those rules are the responsibility of the bots, that is, a program that performs special tasks.

This type of bad is capable of working on its own, but SEO is not able to work on its own for which the website owner can run it on his own.

That is, what kind of content will be on your web site, how to write content, what content to write content on what subject, what services you will give to customers and how you can impress your competitors, these are called ACO.

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Here are some rules to follow when doing SEO:

  • The first thing to decide is what your content or service is about.
  • You need to decide what kind of benefits you can offer and how much of that service needs.
  • You need to follow the SEO rules according to your service.

Let's take a look at the things that are required to do SEO:

  • Meta title:

you need to keep in mind some of the content, such as what kind of business or service your business or service is, how popular that type of business or service is with people, and what types of keywords are searched more in search engines.

As a result, search engine bots will give the customer a reference to your website in proportion to the title of your website.

  • Meta Description:

Meta description is a very important chapter in SEO.This is because all the information about your business or service to the customer should be accurate and this description should follow the same method as the meta title.

This will allow the customer to know about your service and business before you click the link to your website, which will lead to a better relationship between you and your customer.

  • Keyword planning:

Before writing a meta description or a meta title, you must search for what kind of keywords you are using and how many times you search for them every time Is.

  • Website structure:

Website infrastructure means what information your business has related to what your website looks like and whether your website is responsive or not means that your website will be a structured design but it will work properly in both mobile phones and personal computers.

  • Customer Communication:

A customer who can't come to your website and communicate with you has a bad impact on a customer. Because the most important thing in human nature is to do something as easy as possible, so if the communication system on your website is far away, you will become a preferred person to the customer.

  • Letting search engines know about your website:

After creating and hosting the website you must inform Google that you want this website to be indexed in their search engine i.e. if you do not index or display it in search engine then search engine bot will not find your website and all your actions will fail.

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